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Hosted by
Jason Brizzi, Shawn Horton & Mike VanDelinder.

BGP Episode 57
Mike and Jason continue their conversation on aging various styles of beers while sharing a bottle of Evil Twin Brewing’s Double Barrel Jesus. (more…)

BGP Episode 56
Mike and Jason share a bottle from Zipline Brewing Co. of Lincoln, Nebraska. The beer featured is the Oak Aged Oatmeal Porter, which is aged for 10 months in Silver Oak Cabernet wine barrels. (more…)

The Beer Genome Project Episode 55

One of Minnesota’s most award-winning brewpubs, Barley John’s, lays out plans for expansion in Wisconsin. Hometown hero Surly brews a collaborative beer with Texas’ Real Ale and the Indiana juggernaut Three Floyds. Colorado’s Oskar Blues is now available in cans in Minnesota. And half-growlers make it easy to bring fresh beer home from Iowa. (more…)

BGP Episode 54
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Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes
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Mike, Shawn, Tony, and Gretchen are joined by Stu for an extra-long episode featuring beers from Confluence Brewing of Iowa, Dangerous Man Brewing, AleSmith, and a Deschutes Brewery collaboration with Great Lakes Brewing.

Episode 53 Banner
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Runtime: 41 minutes
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Mike, Shawn, Gretchen, John, and Tony attack the summer sippers known as shandies and radlers. These are beers that are truly a cocktail of approximately half beer and half lemonade or soda. Some breweries, such as Leinenkugel’s, pre-mix a shandy and make it available in bottles. Stieglbrauerei of Austria makes a similar beer called radler that uses grapefruit soda in a concoction with beer. With industry examples to set the stage, we make our own versions of the radler while discussing the role beer cocktails can play for those learning about beer.