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Hosted by
Jason Brizzi, Shawn Horton & Mike VanDelinder.


After a visit to Iowa, Shawn and Mike return with fresh reviews of Flat Earth Brewing Company’s Monkey Business and Olde Main’s Sodbuster. Both of these beers were purchased with the idea of hometown stout in mind and transported in growlers. The Monkey Business is a coconut-infused porter from Flat Earth Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota; and the Sodbuster is the recently named To Be Named stout from Olde Main in Ames, Iowa.

    00:00-2:49 – Introduction 2:49-8:56 – Flat Earth Brewing Company’s Monkey Business 8:56-20:28 – Olde Main Brewing Company’s Sodbuster 20:28-47:22 – Weekly Discussion 47:22-48:49 – Conclusion

Check out the video below of us preparing for this week’s episode:

Episode 15 Preparation from Mike VanDelinder on Vimeo.

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