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Hosted by
Jason Brizzi, Shawn Horton & Mike VanDelinder.

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Runtime: 1 hour 11 minutes
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Inspired by our conversation regarding Fulton Beer’s “War & Peace” from last week, we decided to round up all of Minnesota’s coffee beers for another blind taste testing. At this time of the year, we were able to source six different coffee-infused beers ranging from Brown Ale-styles to Imperial Stouts. The craft brewers of Minnesota have embraced other local coffee companies and roasters to deliver a wide range of coffee influenced ales. In our tasting, we’ll come across Surly Brewing’s Coffee Bender, Fulton Beer’s War & Peace, Flat Earth Brewing’s Black Helicopter Stout, Indeed Brewing’s Burr Grinder, Lift Bridge’s Irish Coffee Stout, and Big Wood Brewery’s Morning Wood. We’ll discuss the differences between beer as breakfast vs. beer with breakfast as we give blind reviews for each of these beers. Stick around to the end to hear how each Minnesota coffee beer ranks against the others.

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