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Jason Brizzi, Shawn Horton & Mike VanDelinder.

Wild Mind Artisan Ales‘ Golden Ho/Rye/Zon is a 6.8% ABV American wild ale made with local microflora & yeast, aged in Pinot Noir barrels from Sonoma County, California. 

This brewery is located in very southern Minneapolis, almost in Richfield. They’ve been open since late summer/early fall 2016.

Newly-acquired first release bottles from Wild Mind Artisan Ales

This tart saison rye is pretty tasty, and it sets the bar very high. This is their first bottle release (Tuesday 3/28/17) and they’ve been around less than a year. I bought these bottles for $18/each (limit two per customer).

The limited release bottles, all waiting for sale!

I believe they’ve also got the only coolships in MSP area, and they’ve got impressive oak foudres aging beers and ciders, amongst their stainless fermentation vessels. While at the bottle release, I was able to try two draft beers (pictured below, back to front): Sol, an 8% wild IPA made native wild yeast — and Brett Saison, a 5.3% saison made with Brettanomyces. 

Tulips of Brett Saison & Sol, a wild IPA

Golden Ho/Rye/Zon has fruity notes with a slightly sour nose. There’s a nice balance of acerbity & just enough sweetness to not be bone dry, finishes with a stone fruit flavor & semidry mouthfeel.

Opening my first bottle of batch 001!

Minnesota needs more upstarts like these guys and gals; we don’t need gimmicky fly-by-night jokers who put out partially-fermented wort or accidentally infected beers, selling them as something they actually intended for consumption.

I’d mark this close to the beers I’m seeing the crew at Fair State Co-op release (their mixed-culture side projects with Oakhold anyhow). Cheers to Jason Sandquist and crew. I’m rooting for you guys to slingshot to the quorum of elite breweries in MSP. Keep it up!

I also ran into the Tap Traveler and his significant other, while enjoying the two tulips above with my friend Jason Smith. Look for the Tap Traveler’s review, soon too. His blog has coverage of the aesthetic and ambiance of the taproom, as well as the beer (of course!)

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